Every Saturday and Sunday in June 2017

Fir Tree Cottage Studio, Middleton, Suffolk

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Friday 26th May - Saturday 21st October 2017

Watercolour Workshop: “Life at Pin Mill, 1"

Saturday 27th May

For those who attended on the 26th or for people with some experience who would like to try to capture the spirit of the place in watercolour sketches. 

Watercolour Workshop: “Life at Pin Mill, 2"

Friday 9th June

Sketching scenes of the activities around Pin Mill in watercolour, with a view to using those sketches to inspire full paintings. You’ll be helped to overcome the fear of painting living things (including people) to bring your pictures alive.

"Painting Pin Mill in oils or acrylics, 1"

Friday, 28th July

Day one to be spent capturing the location with bold, free oil/acrylic sketches. Suitable for people new to either medium or just wanting to experiment a bit. Warm-up exercises and tuition will start in the studio but we’ll aim to paint from life as much as possible.

"Painting P.M. in oils/acrylics, 2"

Saturday, 29th July 

Day two to be spent honing your new skills and being more adventurous with your brush- strokes. This day can also be taken as a separate workshop for those who have already tried using the mediums but may not paint from life as often as they would wish.

"Pin Mill - People and Activities"

Thursday, 24th August

A fun day spent sketching and painting outside as much as the weather allows. Choose your favourite medium or try a new one - watercolour, pastel, oils or acrylics (or a mixture). The aim is to be as creative as you like but with help and guidance!

"Pin Mill in Line and Wash 1"

Friday 20th October 

There’s so much to paint at this wonderful location that it can seem daunting knowing where to start. The beauty of Line and Wash is its speed and fluency, allowing you to get interesting scenes down quickly and impressionistically.

"Pin Mill in Line and Wash 2"

Saturday 21st October

This second day can be taken as a follow-on or stand-alone. Emphasis will be on capturing movement - birds, animals, people and being expressive with line. 




Special Anniversary Arthur Ransome Weekend

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th May 2017

Claudia and I will be doing mini workshops and demonstrations


"Cats Protection" exhibition

Thursday 27th April to Sunday 7th May 2017

Haywards Heath, RH17 7TT (use '7DE' for satnav)

"A Feast of Colour" exhibition

Wednesday 20th September to Tuesday 26th September 2017

Pond Gallery, Snape Maltings with Claudia Myatt and Jane Cochrane



Clacton Art Group 

"Winter Scenes" acrylic workshop 

Wednesday 22nd Feb 2017

Danbury Art Group

"Portraiture" morning workshops

Friday 31st March & 7th April 2017

Further morning workshops

Friday 29th September and Friday 6th October 2017




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