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Hello and welcome to my new website. I hope you find it informative and easy to navigate.

You’ll see from the photographs that my painting has led me down many and varied paths, from animals to street and beach scenes. I love experimenting with different mediums and styles but, I suppose, I inevitably return to the subjects I find most engaging, namely portraiture: of people and animals. Teaching adults to draw and paint means that I’m constantly kept on my toes by my “students” and many of what I consider my most adventurous works stem from demonstrations I have ‘performed’ at art clubs and societies.

I have become a member of many art societies myself over the years, depending on where I’ve lived, but the most enduring is SOFA, the Society of Feline Artists, an international group of cat painters (domestic and wild cats) to which I’m proud to belong. The great thing is that there’s always so much to explore and learn about. The pursuit of art, although solitary in itself, leads to meeting so many people who are interested in and motivated by this strange world of painting. I feel so lucky that this has been such a dominant part of my life.

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